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Cassia, the most powerful enchantress born in centuries, is so busy living her happy new life that she doesn't realize people are searching for her. While Cas spends her time bonding with the boy next door, the soulmate she doesn't remember exhausts every option on his hunt to find her. Unfortunately, he isn't the only one hunting...


An evil from her past is back with a vengeance and will do everything imaginable to destroy Cassia and her mates - including feasting on unsuspecting humans and tormenting the other enchanted. Can Cassia's true love find her before evil destroys them all? Will Braxton finally risk everything and reveal his secret? Book 2 of The Lost Lunason Series really heats up and will leave you begging for more!


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Take a good measure of mystery and an abundance of magic and you have the beguilingly titled Chasing Cas, the second release in Sultrie’s Lost Lunason series. With much in the way of shapeshifting suspense and action to keep the pages turning, temperatures will soar as Cas, Jordan and Braxton find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other whilst dark forces edge ever closer. Playing to the best devices of its genre, Sultrie understands what her readers want and she delivers plenty. Jordan and Braxton are designed to set pulses racing, whilst Cas must face the truth about her parents and the powers she possesses.


It seems that wherever one looks, paranormal fantasy and romance abounds, with a glut of shamefully unoriginal books flooding the market, but make no mistake when we tell you that Chasing Cas isn't one of them! Never predictable, the plot is quite complex but never to the detriment of the storyline whilst the magical elements aren’t overplayed and work well in the context of the overall plot and character dynamics. Cleverly bringing multiple story and timelines together without losing focus and intrigue it proves a genuinely addictive pageturner.


A must-read for paranormal fantasy fans, Chasing Cas and The Lost Lunason series is definitely recommended and should be on your reading list for the coming New Year.

Chasing Cas - The Lost Lunason Series Book 2

Follow Cas and her three powerful protectors in this exciting paranormal tale of magic, shifters, and soulmates.

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Shapeshifting Paranormal Fantasy From The Pen Of Stacie Sultrie


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Stacie Sultrie was born and raised in the United States and currently lives in a tiny Midwestern town. She has a loving and supportive husband who always encourages her to follow her dreams. Stacie has an amazingly athletic son that habitually hauls the family around the Midwest for sporting events. She also has two darling dogs that stay up late with her while she works on her books.

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