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Delivering another superb novel Leibowitz has done his many fans proud with a truly exceptional read.

IGOR ELISEEV The Austin Paradox

"A Powerful and fascinating foray into the future of science and its unforeseen consequences"

Cinderella didn't know exactly what prompted her to break free of the cycle of abuse from her step-mother, but one thing was certain: nothing is ever accomplished by waiting for someone else to magically fix things. After all, Cinderella was a pretty, educated young lady of high birth and good breeding, and her Step-mother didn't control the world, no matter what the woman thought. It wasn't like she didn't have options... In a delightful reinvention of the classic fairytale, Cinderella takes charge of her own destiny, and through the power of friendship, courage and liberal applications of common sense, finds her own Happily Ever After


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An intriguing and engaging twist on an age old classic, Cinderella Grows a Spine certainly fans the flames imagination. It seems that we all love our fairy tales and here Rose cleverly reimagines Cinderella’s plight in captivating and whimsical prose, but with twists and turns that transcend the originals romantic ideals. On this level, it’s about Cinderella’s strength of character, the importance of perseverance and the path to finding one's place in the world. It’s a given that many readers will be conversant with the fairy tale of which this is a loose retelling, but by weaving moral and contemporary views into Cinderella’s story Rose engages the intrigue of her readers on a more salient level. The characters are of course familiar, but despite the affinity we already have with them Rose throws in  a number of plot twists to keep her readers guessing and more importantly invested in her story from the very early pages.  


Inventive and thought-provoking, Cinderella Grows a Spine, proves

a strong start to the Timeless Tales, Modern Messages series

and is definitely recommended.

Timeless Tales, Modern Messages Book 1


Cinderella Grows a Spine

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