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Billionaire’s daughter Karissa Larke can buy everything her heart desires, but not what she needs. Having lost her brother in a failed kidnapping and her mother by suicide, Karissa turns to her only friend: Adrian, her father’s prototype personal security android.


As they start to explore their feelings for each other, both have forgotten an essential fact: Adrian belongs to the NAME corporation and their executives have decided to cash in on their property.


Our review......

Engaging and genuinely provocative, Circuit Heart marks something of a step change for Wrights. Embracing her teasingly erotic style of romance with a clever commentary lilt on the ways technology connects us to the world, but can also isolate us from the warmth of human contact, she not only entertains but poses some intriguing questions about artificial intelligence and relationships of the future. It’s fair to say that the majority of android novels tend towards stereotypes but Wrights has imagined a future that goes beyond this by creating a “male” android that’s not hamstrung by either a militarised or  violent persona. Through Karissa and Adrian she burrows into the meaning of relationships and in her typical acerbic prose,  she explores the eternal struggle to know one's own true self. She asks us to believe in an unconventional romance, but as momentum builds and the temperature rises she also disarms us with the realisation that her fantasy scenario may not be too far away from our present reality.


Finding new inroads into the exhilaration and heartbreak of romance,

Circuit Heart is D S Wright at her very best and

it is recommended without reservation.

A disarming fantasy scenario that may not be too

far away from our present reality.


Circuit Heart

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