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The winds of change are blowing through Africa and, like clouds, lives are being fragmented, altered or  blotted out in an instant.


Torn by anger and grief, Andrew Mason enrols in the SAS. One of only 12 recruits out of 500 to complete the gruelling course, he finds himself among the close-knit camaraderie of the forces. But the writing is on the wall. The superbly trained Rhodesian army never lost a battle, but they are fighting a war they cannot win and the stark reality of battle is all around. A war of contrasts where the Salisbury elite  enjoy the luxury of fine living with a rifle ever  at the ready. Falling for beautiful debutante Alyson Carstens, spoilt and protected darling of her wealthy parents, Andrew soon discovers that whatever path he chooses, the war will always take its toll.


A gripping and absorbing story, Clouds In The Wind is the new novel from Ian Mackenzie. A tale of war, politics and tragedy in which the foundations of love are put to the test in the heat of conflict. It makes for a compelling and at times brutal read, but Mackenzie doesn’t glorify and glamourize war. His prose are tempered by pathos, whilst his love and respect for his homeland is ever present as he ably captures the flux and uncertainty of time and place. Whilst not an overly complex plot, it’s taut and carefully considered with a host of insightfully observed and well-nuanced characters who feel wholly authentic. Each has their place as the relationship between Andrew and Alyson blossoms, providing for the evolution of thought and encouraging reflection. In this respect Mackenzie has penned a novel that will have broad appeal, whilst offering an intriguing perspective on a particularly bloody period in Rhodesian history.


A memorable debut that will linger beyond the page, Clouds In The Wind will prove a pleasure to read and is strongly recommended.

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Clouds In The Wind

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