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A Best In Genre Fantasy Novel Release From Susan-Alia Terry

Coming Darkness


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Archangel Lucifer's spoiled life comes to a halt as he learns that Heaven is empty, and his Father missing. Seeking answers, he faces a force unhappy with his Father and the world he created.


As part of their plan to wipe out this heresy and let darkness reclaim the earth, they imprison Lucifer in Hell.Meanwhile, the Archangel's lover sets out to prove his opponents wrong. But Lucifer’s influence runs deeper in Kai than he suspects... and the fear that he’s merely Lucifer’s pet becomes all too real.


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An ambitious novel that promises much and confidently delivers, Coming Darkness is the new release from Susan-Alia Terry and it’s one that avid fans of the fantasy genre should have on their radar. Refreshingly different from the dearth of fiction featuring fallen angels, Terry has taken well-read characters, myths and legends and made her own indelible mark upon them. She writes in a clear, easy-to-read style; her narrative flowing whilst a devilishly intriguing plot combines to create a palpable sense of authenticity which lends emotional gravitas to her characters and quickly brings them to life. Yes, at its heart it’s a continuation of the age-old battle between the forces of dark and light but whilst another author might have favoured well-worn tropes Terry favours originality and it serves her well. She panders to the popular preference for realism which has crept into modern fantasy fiction but retains a melancholic lilt that offers us much to sink our teeth into and on a chapter to chapter basis, Coming Darkness is a clever manifestation of a vivid imagination.


Sure to be enthusiastically received by fans of the fantasy genre, entertaining and refreshingly original, Coming Darkness promises more good things to come from Terry and is highly recommended.

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An archangel in exile. A powerful race of vengeful creatures.

A conflict of world-ending proportions.

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A few words from Susan-Alia Terry on Coming Darkness

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Coming Darkness Complete

I knew I wanted to write a story that involved Lucifer, but not the popular conception of Lucifer, as it had been done many times before and I didn’t have anything new to add in that regard. Given my catalysts, I wanted to explore his nature, one where he wasn’t evil – not a good guy mind you – but not Satan. My research gave me a starting point. The Sufis believe that Lucifer’s fall occurred not simply because he disobeyed God, but because God commanded that the angels love humans more than Himself, and Lucifer refused because it was asking the impossible.


This was the foundation on which I could build his character: proud, stubborn, perfect (from his point of view of course), and thus flawed. Everything else sprung up organically. The Creator gave his creations – including the angels – the ability to choose their own fates. Thus Lucifer, unable to fulfill his Father’s demands, “fell” desiring only to be left alone. Having been given the choice, there was no punishment – at least none from the Father.

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