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You find a future Earth attempting to create unity beset by conspiracies as old as humankind. Space Fleet responds to enemy aliens, while being attacked at its core by the people they protect. Captain Daniel Cooper prepares for confrontations with aliens, both enemies and allies. The SFPT-109, John F. Kennedy starship and crew must learn to work and fight as a team, a blend of humans and aliens.


Two mysteries must be solved if the galaxy and Earth will ever be safe. Who is behind the alien invasions? Who is determined to dissolve a United Earth? Two alien girlfriends and the ex he works with do not help Coop maintain his focus. Even a genetically reengineered meta-human has his limitations.


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A Science Fiction novel that delivers inventiveness in thought and execution Don Foxe’s second book in his Space Fleet Sagas series is sure to impress with a sweeping narrative where the action rarely stops and a delightfully labyrinth plot that ensures tension and suspense are maintained till the very last page. There’s no doubt that this is a thinking fans' space opera with Foxe taking traditional themes and adventure plots and spinning them in unique directions thereby giving his readers something to chew on intellectually. Richly compelling, this is what a page-turner should be. A clever bait-and-switch narrative that masks the twists so you don’t see them coming whilst a host of memorable characters and settings will linger long after the tale is told. Whilst these alone are reasons to begin reading it is, however, the dystopian echoes that set it apart with Foxe steering away from prescriptive science fiction to delve into conscience, choice and identity, to create a novel with a genuine archetypal quality.  


By any stretch of the imagination Confrontation. Aliens and Humans. Allies and Enemies is a genuine gem of a read and is highly recommended.

There’s no doubt this is a thinking fans' space opera!

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Confrontation. Aliens and Humans. Allies and Enemies


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About Don Foxe

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Don Foxe lives in the scenic southern town of Bluffton, SC with his wife, Sarah. They own Beach City Health and Fitness on Hilton Head Island, SC. Whether writing sci-fi adventures, sword and sorcery, mysteries, or non-fiction, like his poetry collections or fitness industry related guides and articles Don makes sure he does the research.


Articles on health and fitness, from exercise techniques to business marketing for gyms by Foxe have appeared in a number of industry publications. He has contributed to several newspaper stories during his thirty years in the fitness industry. Fiction is a new addition to his portfolio as a writer, but he is already receiving recognition for his imagination, as well as strong skills as a story teller and a writer. Readers' Favorites awarded CONTACT AND CONFLICT Five Stars.

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