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How would you feel if you found out one day that your mother wasn't your mother and nobody had a clue who your father might be?This is what happens to Isa, a cynical party girl from Paris whose life is abruptly changed. When Mara, her real mother dies in front of her eyes without saying a word, Isa wants to find out what Mara was searching for in 1991, before she went into a coma. But Isa soon discovers that she is not the only one searching for answers, and that her life is in danger. What is the secret that people are prepared to kill for? As Isa is drawn into a dark labyrinth of mysteries, she uncovers four lost-and-found stories related to a tarot deck from 1389. Four stories have to be told, twenty-four tarot cards have to be united and one great secret has to be revealed. She was looking for her mother's secret. Instead, she found the world's greatest secret.


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With an undeniable aura of mystery, Constant Guests proves to be a masterful debut with Nedelea’s prose bringing grace and style to a plot brimming with the cliff-hangers readers expect from the genre. Grounded in exhaustive research it’s one of those novels that constantly seems on the edge of startling revelations as Nedelea sets up multiple narrative threads to keep intrigue to the fore. The best archaeological fantasies tell stories about characters in search of the extraordinary and here Nedelea uses this premise to open up the vast, still largely unexplored terrain of fate and the human heart. Blending intellect and emotion she creates powerful and compelling questions which are hard to ignore and on this level, it becomes a provocative meditation on the prospect of fate versus providence. Marshalled around an eclectic cast of vividly realised characters she doesn’t overplay them but through disparate timelines, she masterfully manipulates our expectations as she leads us towards a highly thought-provoking and perfectly pitched denouement.


An extraordinarily powerful debut from a highly talented author. Constant Guests proves to be one of those elusive pageturners that will leave its readers deep in thought long after they have turned the last page. It is recommended without reservation.

She was looking for her mother's secret.

Instead, she found the world's greatest secret.


Constant Guests

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My name is Patricia Nedelea and I'm currently living in Transylvania. After lots of life changes, I chose to become a full-time fiction writer. Constant Guests is my first novel.


At first I was an actress, but then I wanted to do more, so I've done two PhDs. One was mostly about deconstruction, a reading and writing method I'm in love with. The other one was about tarot history. I wanted to use what I've learned, while doing even more research, so I started writing a novel which uses the history of tarot, as well as deconstruction as a way of writing.


I have something in common with Isa, the main character: a few years ago my mother passed away, too. Perhaps this explains Isa's search for her mother.

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