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Nestled along the shores of North Carolina's Haw River, Crow Creek has its problems—most tragically, several suicides in recent years. Sad, of course, but such things happen. If Pastor Aken didn't insist on maintaining candlelight vigils for the dead, most of the town wouldn't think much about the suicides anymore. Sheriff Brad Gleason keeps looking for a connection between the deaths, but that's to be expected—one of the victims was his own daughter, and he's still trying to make sense of her death.


When a sinkhole swallows a car, people, and businesses on King Street, Crow Creek soon discovers the charismatic pastor has a sinister link to the suicides. Sheriff Gleason and a small band of friends find themselves pitted against an unexpected evil and its hellish offspring, even as they struggle to maintain their faith in the face of tragedy.


A spine-tingling supernatural tale filled with suspense and tension throughout, Crow Creek is the debut novel from author Thomas Drago and it’s one you are sure to remember. A dark and powerful telling that radiates malevolence, Drago takes his readers on a harrowing journey, underpinned by an intriguing plot. Building his fictional town and characters with a meticulous eye for the nuances of camaraderie, this is much more that trite horror fest. With brusque prose and a notable sense of timing, he blunts the edge of predictability by delivering a host of inspired cliff-hanger scenes and opportune surprises that make for a highly imaginative and well executed narrative. Certainly original, he never the less maintains an overriding feeling of familiarity as he draws the requisite elements of memorable paranormal fiction together to keep the pages turning, whilst the subject of faith makes for an enthralling thematic undertone.


A disarmingly dark and entertaining debut, Crow Creek undoubtedly marks Thomas Drago as an author to watch. Sure to be well received by fans of horror and supernatural fiction it is highly recommended!

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Crow Creek

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