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Investigative reporter Darcy Farthing travels to Sin City to find a missing girl, Pammie Fleetfoot. Working with her friend and former LA cop, Tom Smythe, she soon learns the tragic reality of street teens caught up in human trafficking for prostitution controlled by Asian gangs. Darcy and Tom form a bond with two frightened teen prostitutes, but soon after they confront their young pimp, he is brutally murdered. Darcy blames herself and fears for the girls’ safety. They refuse her offer of help and will not leave the streets because a self-styled neighborhood preacher has a mysterious hold on them. Meanwhile, violence is escalating on the streets.


While in Vegas, Darcy is staying with her best friend, Sid, who is threatened by an anonymous caller. Darcy fears that her meddling with traffickers is endangering Sid. In a shocking twist, a horrific car accident changes everything for Darcy and Sid. Darcy is convinced it was deliberately orchestrated. Despite being injured, she won’t leave Vegas until she determines who is responsible and what has happened to Pammie. Darcy’s husband, Mick, a government investigator who’s been fighting depression, rushes to join her. With his help, she discovers a startling connection between the human traffickers, the accident, and an old enemy intent on more revenge.


Our review......

Far too many novels start off with good intentions but are poorly written, so when a novel like Currents Of Sin comes along it’s a genuine joy to read. Alleman sets out to deliver a full on investigative mystery with a powerfully emotive theme and she does it well. The embodiment of independence, pluck, and quick wit, Darcy Farthing is back and this time, her focus is on Human Trafficking. A meticulously researched and wrought page-turner the overriding theme might be dark but with six books in the series Alleman has developed a fun combination of intrigue, suspense and acerbic dialogue with plenty of forward momentum. It’s a formula that works and keeps readers coming back for more, but the real measure of her latest novel is less what happens and more about the effects on her characters. This adds a level of complexity to Alleman's plot and multiple narrative threads but as in her previous novels these are confidently juggled and come together for a polished and satisfying denouement.


Another fine addition to the Darcy Farthing series, Currents Of Sin tackles an emotive theme whilst delivering a highly enjoyable read. Sure to win favour with Alleman's followers and new readers alike, it is strongly recommended.

Homeless teens are disappearing off the streets in Las Vegas.


Currents Of Sin

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