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D.J. and her dad moved far from the small town and only home she ever knew. Now she’s starting middle school in the city with kids she’s never met. She tries to make friends, but they all appear to be slaves to screen time. D.J. just likes to garden, nurturing plants, watching them grow and thrive. It seems she’ll never find a way to fit in, but then she awakens in a gorgeous garden where she meets Persephone, Goddess of Spring. She must be dreaming; her new friend can’t possibly be real—and what could she know about getting along with gamers?


Daisy, Bold & Beautiful is the debut novel of middle-schooler Ellie Collins, daughter of award-winning author Stephanie Collins. Boys and girls alike will appreciate Ellie’s keen eye for the challenges of growing up that she and her friends must face. Discover the wonderful writing of Ellie now, then follow her to learn about her writing and more books to come.


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A heart-warming story of mythical delight, Daisy Bold and Beautiful by young debut author Ellie Collins proves a decidedly enthralling children’s tale for younger readers. With a clear narrative structure that is easy to relate to each chapter is an enchantment within itself with little plot twists that are archetypal of the genre and ensure the attention of easily distracted minds. A journey of magical self-discovery that ultimately transcends the page DJ’s character is a tiny literary gem. Innocent and unpretentious as she steps up to middle school, in a new town, she is quick to make friends but unsure where she fits in. With a host of well-drawn characters like May, Payton and Lexi she needs a guide to help her through and who better than Persephone Goddess of Spring! Appearing in DJ’s dreams she is perfectly pitched for young readers with Collins making her trial and tribulations with Hades both relevant and understandable whilst encouraging young children to reflect on their friendships and why true friends should be willing to compromise. Add to this DJ’s crush on the handsome Hudson and Ellie Collins has confidently captured all the elements of a best seller.


Sure to captivate the imaginations of all who turn its pages. Daisy Bold and Beautiful is a genuine joy to read whilst marking a notable debut for the young Ellie Collins. It is highly recommended.

Daisy Bold and Beautiful

D.J. really needs some ideas, or she might never find her own place in a complicated world..........

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A Fine Debut Novel From Award Winning Author Ellie Collins

Ellie Collins wrote her debut novel ~ the first in her middle grade/young adult Greek mythology fantasy series ~ when she was turning eleven and just beginning sixth grade. She finished the second in her series, Mylee In The Mirror, before heading back to school for seventh grade and turning twelve. She writes amid a very busy extracurricular schedule, including a spot on both a gymnastics team and a trampoline and tumbling team, as well as taking weekly piano lessons. She's an avid gamer who loves hanging out with friends. Her love of Greek mythology inspires her writing.

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