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Eno sets off to find the truth about himself and his possible descent from the gods themselves. Instead he becomes involved with a race of people kidnapped from their homeland, set to toil endlessly by the will of a mad philosopher. Facing his own fears and doubts and the curse of the Great God Pan, Eno also finds a woman worthy of his love, danger around every curve, and mushrooms...lots and lots of mushrooms. Meanwhile, a hidden menace from long, long ago threatens the civilized world and only Eno the Thracian, Hero for Hire, can stop the inevitable destruction.


Swords, sorcery and a curious kind of chivalry prevail in Dark Mountain, the third novel in the Eno The Thracian series from author C.B. Pratt. A splendid tale of epic proportions, Pratt has envisioned a hero to rival the greats. A seeker of quests who is wonderfully flawed yet instantly affable, his tale is timeless as action prevails, whilst her plot is sure to beguile. It’s lavish in its settings, the gods are ever fickle and a maelstrom of villainy is ever present, yet what ultimately makes Dark Mountain most memorable is flair. The genre is littered with lack lustre imaginings, but Pratt has a way of writing that is wholly immersive. She has a deft ear for dialogue with wit ever prevalent, which creates a contemporary undertone whilst her characters are imbued with an undeniable presence that would readily transition to wider mediums.


Truly original fantasy fiction is sadly rare, but Dark Mountain must surely sate the most desirous of appetites, whilst garnering many more enthralled fans for author C.B. Pratt. It is highly recommended!

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Dark Mountain

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