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Best In Genre Paranormal Fantasy Romance From Jenna Barwin

Dark Wine at Midnight (A Hill Vampire Novel Book 1)


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About Jenna Barwin

Jenna is the author of the Hill Vampire novels, which blend mystery, wine, and romantic spice. She has degrees in sound engineering, theology, the law, and if a degree was offered, she’d have one in the school of love.


She believes in changing careers frequently enough to keep life interesting. She has worked as a circus magician, news video editor, and public law attorney (but not all at the same time). She brings those varied experiences to her writing.


When not writing, she enjoys both land and underwater nature photography, and is known to occasionally attend a Victorian dance in full regalia right down to pantaloons and a hoop skirt.

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Dr. Cerissa Patel is a scientist, not a secret agent. But when the Lux order her to spy on the vampires she's trying to help, she has no choice, not with the fate of humanity on the line. Her cover story seems easy enough: become a vampire's envoy, visit the secret vampire communities, and sign-up investors to finance her biotech research lab. At least, it looks easy until an assassination attempt leaves the Hill vampires suspicious of her arrival. They don't want her - or her research lab - in their small town. Worse, she must ignore her growing attraction to Henry Bautista, a vampire winemaker with eyes the color of dark bourbon and just as intoxicating - who's hiding his own deep secrets. He's rich, dangerous, and as complex as the wines he makes, and he will do anything to stop her from hurting his town. With him watching her every move, she must uncover who's behind the vampire movement to enslave mortals - before Henry discovers what's hidden beneath her skin....


Our review......

A smouldering Paranormal Romance, Dark Wine At Midnight may well be a debut novel but it’s one that marks the arrival of a talented new literary voice to an ever popular genre. Steadfastly smart and literate with a finely crafted narrative and captivatingly paced Barwin is a confident author who instinctively understands what fans of the genre demand and she gives it to them in spades. Reworking much-loved tropes whilst avoiding cliché and delivering a plot which is refreshingly original, she avoids the vulgar thrills and excesses that plague the genre to deliver an intriguing plot where the suspense rarely wanes. On one level Barwin’s novel revels in its archetypes, but where a lesser writer would turn a story like this into an exercise in going through the motions, Barwin brings a gripping quality to her prose which reminds us exactly why the best in Paranormal Fantasy Romance is quick to attract the attention of more discerning readers. Equally as important, her plot threads hint of a larger story beyond this one and we are left in no doubt she intends Dark Wine At Midnight as an appetiser for future work to come.


Romance and danger are a winning combination with Dark Wine At Midnight proving an excellent start to a new series. Sure to raise much interest in future releases from Barwin, it is recommended without reservation.