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Sometimes, Something Special Comes Along.

Something Like 'HOME' From A Master Storyteller

& A Book You Won't Forget!


John has been to his daughter's best friend Lily everything a godchild could ask for: a protector, a friend, a better father as her own could ever be. His godchild and his daughter have been friends since they were born.


The alleged car accident four years ago that put Beth's mother in a week-long coma, did not only kill Lily's mother's and Will's wife's life, but took from John his best friend, and first love.


Now, when he looks at Lily, he forces himself to see his godchild, Will's daughter, Beth's best friend and not his second chance for true love and true fulfillment. Because it was Lily's mother Sarah, who really understood every part of him including his DARKEST LONGING.


Our review......

Provocatively penned, Darkest Longing is the kind of novel you'll think about for days afterwards. One that is full of unexpected moments of warmth and tenderness that sets us back on our heels and takes us to places we don’t normally go. On this level, it’s the concept underlying Wrights story that proves the most beguiling. Her characters are slick and finely tuned and none more than John though it’s Lily who provides our entrance into his story and the dilemma he finds himself facing. As the emotional threads of Wrights narrative come together it proves both intimate and deeply affecting and whilst the temperature is set to rise "Darkest Longing " is much more than a Lolita relationship. John doesn’t deceive himself; he knows there are boundaries that are morally questionable and readers are invited at every turn to consider the gap between our darkest desires and the hands we finally get dealt, against the absurdity of loneliness and the conformity of our contemporary lives.


An enthralling page-turner that not only entertains but offers a thoughtful perspective on choices we might otherwise deride, Darkest Longing proves another good read from D S Wrights and one that is highly recommended.

A second chance for true love

and true fulfillment.


Darkest Longing

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