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Some people would just love to know how a certain beloved royal really met her untimely end. And then again, some people may just die if they do learn the truth. After all, there’s a trained assassin waiting on a big check if he eliminates anyone remotely connected with the so-called accident. Based on widely touted theories, Death Tunnel peers into the hallowed chambers of a faltering nobility whilst an aging gun for hire, who has plied his trade as a United States special forces officer, starts showing signs that he may have lost his dead aim. That’s when the British Special Air Forces enlists him in a little moonlighting with a serious body count!


Assassins and the spectre of conspiracy theory has become a relatively common theme for thrillers, but few are as memorable as Death Tunnel, the debut novel by author Robert Curtis. A riveting high stakes read which masterfully fuses fact with theory that pervades documentary films, print and websites across the web, Curtis brings an edgy sense of authenticity to his tale. Narrated from his protagonist’s perspective, it’s clever, fast paced and inventive, the action evolving in tightly focused scenes, played out across a gamut of International locations with some decidedly shadowy settings. It’s an enthralling plot and all highly plausible with Curtis rarely sparing detail, but what really makes this thriller so notable is his attention to detail and well observed characterization. By creating an aging protagonist Curtis delivers an infinitely more compelling read that provides room for introspection, whilst ably conveying situations that are readily internalized by his readers. It is certainly explosive, even frightening at times, but it is sure to be well received by conspiracy theorist and thriller fans alike.


A powerful and superbly crafted thriller with polished prose, Death Tunnel marks the arrival of a fresh new voice to the genre in author Robert Curtis. It is highly recommended!

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Death Tunnel

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