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Delivering another superb novel Leibowitz has done his many fans proud with a truly exceptional read.

IGOR ELISEEV The Austin Paradox

"A Powerful and fascinating foray into the future of science and its unforeseen consequences"

While the world is crumbling around her in Nazi Germany, will Lia's destiny help her find freedom and a new life?  This is a story of love, laughter, hopes and shattered dreams, as Lia marries one man, yet can't help loving another.  Happiness, passion, humor and self-discovery are interwoven in a candid, provocative, and romantic way.


"Desire and Red Wine, A Life's Journey", Victoria Norvaisa's first novel, captures the triumphs and tragedies of one family, taking you from Eastern Europe after WWI, moving thru the horrors and ravages of war in Nazi Germany, and ending in the United States after WWII, where the parents' traditional values conflict with a different culture of modern America. While dealing with commitment, career, and an alcoholic husband, the women's liberation movement slowly raises in her a new awareness of self, of who she really is.  This novel is fast-paced and easy to read.


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A story of fortitude, resilience and repression, Desire and Red Wine, A Life's Journey, proves endearing historical fiction that captures life at its most challenging. Harrowing at times, it’s a confidently told and often emotional tale that avoids the popular tendency for overt melodrama, with Norvaisa keeping it real throughout as Lia is swept up in events beyond her control. Looking beyond the veneer of Lithuanian oppression in her early years, to explore human bonds at their most extraordinary, it’s an ambitious period Norvaisa covers and she does so with an acerbic pen and a discerning eye for detail. Lia is a strong and well- rendered character with Norvaisa wisely allowing room for her to grow, bringing her frustrations and anguish to the fore as she suffers through the transitions with which she is faced. These alone are good reasons to turn the pages, but what makes Desire and Red Wine such an enjoyable read is that Norvaisa really believes in her characters and in coming to know them we are reminded of the often unscripted complexities of life.


A thoroughly good read that will linger in your memory, Desire and Red Wine, A Life's Journey is definitely recommended.

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Desire and Red Wine, A Life's Journey

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