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A Rivetting Best In Genre Science Fiction Novel From Author M. Susanne Wiggins

DOMUM - (League of Worlds Book 2)

And so the end begins.

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Also by M. Susanne Wiggins

Domum, a place where herds of unisus graze on mountaintop meadows, where gardons nest in volcanic caves, where whisper birds mimic your thoughts, where ovis-size bufo live and die in lagoon-dotted coral reef islands of the middle ocean, and where sociable raiyfs flit about and speak a language so ancient only they know it. Alec Ellison Abbott enjoys his newfound liberty on Domum, savors the freedom this world offers him, but it is a temporary calm before a storm of chaos and destruction. He becomes a complex creature, a killing machine, who suddenly views life on Gamma as idyllic when reflected back at him through the familiar eyes of Margaret Meg Arcana. An enigmatic creature in her own right, Meg understands the composition of Alec's fracturing soul - she made a clandestine pact long ago to nurture it to fruition. Ambitious and ruthless, General Arden Raynor represents the East American government. It is his duty to form a coalition with the citizens of Domum, by force if necessary. His mission - his very mind - warps to abject entropy. A war is coming to Domum. War is ugly, as few ever come and go without massacre. Atrocities will happen, brutalities endured, and death is inevitable... but there are those who will do whatever it takes to rid Domum of the oppressive regime. With tyranny on its way to choke Domum's survival, geological tabula rasa is headed for Earth to sever the head from the beast.


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Intelligent and wholly original, DOMUM  is the second volume in the futuristic League of Worlds series, which launched with the highly readable GAMMA. Transporting her readers out of reality and into a complex and engaging space-age setting Wiggins once again proves an enviable ability to construct complex technological, far-future societies peopled by fully rounded characters. With multiple plot strands and an exuberantly clever narrative, she captures hope and humanity in the lives of characters whom the reader comes to care about whilst providing some genuinely surprising plot twists and reversals of fortune. It’s an enthralling journey. Often dark and disconcerting with an edgy sense of plausibility it’s fair to say that Wiggins revels in lush descriptions whilst penetrating social observations and character dynamics are an impressive achievement that fans of the genre will quickly appreciate. Condensing a vast story into a punchy novel is no mean feat and yet this is what Wiggins has done as she explores contemporary society, and what it means to be human, through the tropes of the SF genre and her ancient world of Domum.


A release that sees the League of Worlds series developing into a powerful and influential Science Fiction saga DOMUM establishes Wiggins as an author to read and is recommended without reservation.

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I respectfully misbehave in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, living vicariously through tourists and their many tales, adventures, and stories. They are, without a doubt, the workhorses of my imagination. Without them and the vibrant snapshots of their lives, I am but an empty page. A standing ovation and a round of applause to all of you, there’s a little bit of each of you in everything I write.

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"A Powerful and fascinating foray into the future of science and its unforeseen consequences"

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