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The Start Of An Epic Fantasy Series From Debi Ennis Binder

Dragon Rings. Book 1-The Ring-Witches of Nesht

On a quiet, snowy morning, the dragons return, and they carry

brutal, fire-wielding men who will not stop their attack

until every last Witch is dead!

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Debi Ennis Binder was writing before she was talking, having learned at an early age that words are more easily understood when not spoken with a thick, delicious southern accent.


It was inevitable she should end up in a writing career, in the federal government, turning dry laws into entertaining plans and procedures in the world of emergency management and security. However, she was sadly aware there was simply no way to integrate her world of fey and magick into that of emergency drills and background investigations, and so she left that world for one of griffins and dragons, sorcerers and demons, which is a far more corporeal world than many people realize.

Also By Debi

Mayra. A powerful Witch who rides with a spirited clan of reevers—the king’s enforcers—she believes she has reached the pinnacle of her profession. She is a striking woman, has wealth and power—both magical and political—and she wears black wrist rings that tell all that she is not simply a Witch. She is a Ring-Witch, with a level of magic only those of her kind can match.


Wolfe. An enigmatic and scheming man who is just captivating enough to catch the eye of a young Witch, it doesn’t take him long to figure out that Mayra is one female he will be hard-pressed to deceive.


Together they must unmask the mastermind behind this unspeakable betrayal?


Our review

An engaging and far-flung fantasy read, Dragon Rings proves an intriguing start to The Ring-Witches of Nesht from Debi Ennis Binder. With a firm reign on her plot, she’s quick to introduce us to her characters who prove well written and subtly nuanced with Mayra and Wolfe imbued with foibles and flaws that make them highly believable. Compelling individuals who we want to learn more about, she’s quick to inaugurate us into their magical world with well-observed scenes that are vividly captured and easy to slip into but refreshingly, for many fans of the genre, she isn’t an author to wallow in unnecessary poetics or the tritely dramatic. Indeed, there’s an uplifting degree of restraint in her narrative that leaves the imagination free to blossom which in turn brings notable balance to the tone and tenor of her tale. And although a relatively quick read there is an undeniable richness to her world building that whilst not overly complex is impressive and thought-provoking with its own unique structure.


A strong start to a potentially epic series, Dragon Rings will certainly garner Binder an enthusiastic following. Perfect fireside reading for the winter months ahead it is definitely recommended.

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