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Sixteen-year-old Drake can’t understand why the virus spared him. The only survivors he’s seen vandalized his makeshift dwelling, and despite his sister’s dying wish that he connect with others, he spends his days alone – that is, until he shapeshifts into a dragon.


While exploring his new abilities, Drake nearly flies into Preston, another shifter. Their chances of survival increase if they team up with others like them, but when their search leads to a group in Las Vegas, they find not everyone is welcoming.


As Drake develops new relationships, Preston endures daily confrontation and eventually takes off on his own. Concerned for his friend’s safety, Drake launches a search and stumbles into a situation stranger than anything he could imagine. Now he must embrace his animalism if he wants to save his humanity.


Our review......

If you thought Dragon fantasy novels were fast becoming cliché Drake and The Fliers will certainly make you reconsider. Creating worlds and settings that feel real is an onerous task for any fantasy author with the results often swinging between the overly simplistic or pretentiously complicated but Maruska gets it just right. Creating that all important sense of danger, wonder, and high adventure that genre fans crave she delivers a thoughtful narrative that engages and enthrals from the very start, achieving an equitable balance between her reimagined human world and fantasy that tugs at the heart strings. We feel engaged and invested in a journey upon which we feel more than mere observers, but a strong and believable plot aside her novel's ultimate appeal lies in its namesake hero. Original and well-realized Drake is a character to treasure. He doesn’t arrive fully formed but grows through his experiences over the course of Maruska’s novel. More importantly, he’s a great character around which to build a series and engender broad appeal.


A  thrilling YA Dragon Fantasy adventure  that will keep you turning its pages till the early hours, Drake and The Fliers will leave you eager for more and is recommended without reservation.

To save his humanity he must first embrace what he has become!


Drake and the Fliers

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