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Dreams of My Mothers is based on the true story of two mothers' transcendent love for the same boy. It is a love that reaches across the globe, propels them and him on a riveting and unimaginable path of transformation and triumph. It is a story that will speak to everyone who reads it; a story that tells us that love alone is not enough.  Transcendent love is exceptionally rare, requiring sacrifice beyond normal boundaries, a faith beyond all doubts, and most of all, the courage to dream beyond all hope.


Author Joel Peterson gives us a vivid and gripping story of a biracial, impoverished boy who, through the love and courage of his mothers, overcomes questions of identity, race, physical handicaps and prejudice to become a new American success story. It touches on all the issues of who we are--as a people, as a nation, and as individuals. Dreams of My Mothers is a story particular to a few, but relevant to all. It is American, yet global. It is a story that feels intensely personal, yet universal in its themes and humanness.


Emotionally charged and powerfully thought provoking, Dreams Of My Mothers is the debut novel by Joel L. A . Peterson. A remarkable tale based on true life events that articulates the complexities, failings, contradictions and triumphs of love and cultural identity.  Beautifully observed, Peterson faultlessly captures enduring moments in staccato thematic prose, as he ably manifests a world of contrasts, a world his young protagonist must ultimately come to terms with. It’s an incredibly emotive read that will leave few hearts untouched whilst proffering a unique and inspirational perspective on the choices we make and the struggles that ultimately define us. Told in exquisite prose, yet avoiding unnecessary complexity, Peterson ensures his story is never held hostage to the subject with timely observed relationship dynamics, anecdotes  and social commentary  providing for an often heart wrenching exploration of the enduring power of maternal bonds. It’s a feat to which many debut authors might aspire, but few achieve with such faultless finesse.


A truly memorable and inspiring read, Dreams Of My Mothers  proves a remarakable debut  and one that deserves your attention. Boding well for future releases from Peterson, it is recommended without reservation.

Author  Joel L. A. Peterson - In The Spotlight

Dreams Of My Mothers

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