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With little to go on, Harlan races to find a cure and save the children who still have so much life left to live.

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A Best In Genre  Medical Suspense Thriller From Author Sam Carter

Dying To Live

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About Sam Carter

Husband and father of four, Sam Carter, has always loved making people laugh in whatever way he possibly could. While this has never changed, he has come to realize it's not just making people laugh that brings him joy, but creating something that helps them escape and find happiness in any avenue they can find. When he's not working at his day job managing physician clinics, he's telling the world's best dad jokes (ask his wife and kids), giving life changing advice (ask his oldest daughter) or writing down his thoughts on anything the comes to his mind with the hope it will make someone's day a little better.

Pediatric surgeon Harlan Allred’s life hasn’t been the same since Stacy Montgomery was rolled into the Emergency Room after a horrific car accident on a rainy night in downtown Seattle. Now, four years later, a sudden and mysterious illness has inflicted her and more of his patients, and Harlan has no idea how he and his team can heal them before time runs out.


Just a few miles away, baseball superstar Luke Masterson carries out his plot to cause pain the likes of which the people of Seattle have never seen. As he closes in on his goal he disappears, sending Harlan and the rest of the baseball world into a state of confusion. Where would he go on what should have been the night of his greatest baseball triumph?


Our review......

A taut and plausible Medical Thriller Dying To Live prospers on all levels. The writing is first class and there’s more than enough unexpected plot twists to keep the attention of readers throughout as Carter pulls his readers into the ensuing drama, but he’s not one to give anything away. Tight, focused scenes create a sense of realism that draws the reader into the story as Harlan Allred struggles to make sense of the maelstrom of pain and subterfuge he finds himself embroiled in. Fighting against time to save the children in his care there are twists within twists as Carter weaves first-class narrative threads with a cracking ensemble of well-nuanced characters. Nicely capturing the little quirks in typical conversation and the spontaneous explicit declarations you might expect from a pediatric surgeon at the top of his game Carter generates the kind of edge of your seat intrigue that keeps one glued to the words and the pages turning.


Powerful, well paced and highly entertaining Dying To Live proves a riveting read. Sure to meet with approval from fans of the genre, it is strongly recommended.

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