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Animals are almost extinct, humans are dominated by the sinister Agros and so the scene is set for the disturbing and shadowy vision of the future that is Echoes From The Lost Ones. A dystopian novel by Nicola J. McDonagh, where nothing is as it seems.


A brave and ambitious debut, McDonagh takes her readers on a roller coaster ride through one possible future whilst ably managing to avoid the time worn clichés found in other mainstream post-apocalyptic offerings.  The result is a refreshing and unashamedly quirky tale that McDonagh meticuously crafts. A tale that is evocative in terms of the imagery it conjures up and the carefully woven underlying commentary on the frailties and ultimate failings of mankind. Quirky because McDonagh has a very distinct style of writing that in the context of her tale rearranges common words in an authentic reflection of how the english lamguage might evolve. Some readers might find it odd at first, but ultimately it makes for great strory telling.


A highly entertaining and engrossing read that will have you engrossed till the last page, Echoes From The Lost Ones is a must read for fans of dystopian tales.

Nicola J. McDonagh - In The Spotlight

Echoes From The Lost Ones

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