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The Language Of Love Has Never

Been So Intoxicating

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This award winning and one of a kind book for children does more than just tell the story of Eli the Snazzleraffer and the importance of true friendship. It positively reinforces the lessons of looking beyond physical appearances and discovering the true beauty within others.


Beautifully illustrated and containing interactive coloring pages this book has become a favorite of parents and teachers as much as it has for its young readers.


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Friendship is an ever popular theme in children’s books and tales like Eli The Snazzleraffer have a very special place in the genre. It’s one that is especially fun to read out loud with Robert Agnello’s rhyming prose tripping of the tongue whilst the combined talents of J.R Maltese and Amia Jones bring a fresh and wholly original character to life. Friendship connects and enriches our lives and Agnello’s story is perfectly pitched at young readers who are beginning to learn the value of friendships and how to interact with others their age. The illustrations that accompany Agnello’s prose are funny, heartfelt and honest and yet they convey an extraordinary amount of emotion whilst the message Agnello conveys is both sensitive and perfectly pitched for his young audience. On this level, there is a life lesson that encourages children to develop positive social skills but equally as important it encourages them to communicate and be kind.


A wonderful heartwarming story which is perfect for bedtime reading, Eli The Snazzleraffer is highly recommended.

A wonderful heartwarming story that you

will want to read again and again!


Eli The Snazzleraffer

BookViral Spotlight on  Author & Emmy Award Winner Robert Agnello

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My name is Robert Agnello and I am an Emmy award-winning artist. I have been fortunate in my life to be able to write music for some of the greatest shows on TV: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Pete and Pete and lots of others. I have performed on TV and also toured around the world with The Spencer Davis Group and other bands.


In recent years I started On The Lamb Productions, a production company geared to projects with a moral and social conscious. We here at On The Lamb are proud to introduce you to our roster of talent.

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