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The year is 1987. Battle-scarred news service correspondent Peter Brandt returns from covering the wars in Central America to bury his ex-wife, Palm Springs TV reporter Robin Anderson, after her brutal murder. When Peter discovers the local police refuse to investigate Robin's murder, he sets out with an old friend to find her killer, unearthing secrets old and new - a shadow world of sex, drugs and political corruption.


Immediately riveting, Empty Places is the second full length novel from author Martin Roy Hill. A masterfully penned thriller with a filigree of suspense and plot that seamlessly melds the best of genre. Eschewing the predictability found in less imaginative works, Hill tells a compelling story with an enviable knack for creating vibrant and emotionally charged characters, developed through excellent prose and a fine ear for dialogue. The action is measured, the twists delivered with impeccable timing, with Hill never dallying in the detail at the expense of suspense and tension. It all makes for an enthralling read that keeps the pages turning at a frenetic pace.


A powerful and memorable thriller, Empty Places, will certainly be well received by fans of the genre and bodes well for the next novel from Martin Roy Hill. Highly recommended!

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Empty Places

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