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The Language Of Love Has Never

Been So Intoxicating

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In this Seductive Psychological Suspense, a troupe in England braves threats by hecklers when performing the history of the rare gem, Moldavite. The meteoric stone, featured in legends of Shambhalla and Atlantis, is sought after for its supposed mystical properties. The charismatic hypnotist, Dune, made the troupe famous, especially his wife Susan, the star. Whenever actors become ill, Dune hypnotizes the standbys to believe they actually are the actors they replace on stage, to fool the discerning audience. When the curtain reaches the floor after the encore, the post-hypnotic suggestion always ends, and the standbys recall their identities.


Susan mysteriously disappears, so her standby, Miriam, takes her place. Miriam’s friend Colin clutches flowers in the audience, ready to congratulate her on the life-changing evening. He just that day kissed her for the first time. Will he become more than a friend that night?


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Mention classic gothic fiction and readers will most certainly picture dark foreboding castles and an array of ominous Victoriana but most readers have become somewhat accustomed to more watery offerings. Well, if it’s the latter you want then stop reading because Bensko has delivered something dark, baroque and hauntingly disturbing with lush prose and imagery sure to delight any discerning lover of the written word. The writing, plotting and dialogue are superb and turning the first page is to take a step towards discovering an author who brings boundless energy and creativity to the genre. A must-read for aficionados of the gothic this is one of those rare novels that has a brooding essence that demands to be read and savoured. Characterization is also excellent as Bensko builds a visually complex tale, notably avoiding the pursuit of trite thrills whilst ensuring the definitive devices of horror and fantasy are ever present. Navigating multiple plot threads as she draws us into it’s a delightfully dark dance of manipulation.


With all the hallmarks of a classic, Encore: A Contemporary Love Story of Hypnotic  Abduction is a Gothic Fiction fans dream and is definitely deserving of your time to read. It is recommended without reservation!

The Best In  Gothic Suspense From Author Tantra Bensko

Encore: A Contemporary Love Story of Hypnotic Abduction

Come remember the extraordinary power of being your true self.

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We Must Never Forget  

The Fallen

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"His baby breath hung milky white.

Soft downy hair within my sight.

But as I bent to  kiss his head.

Behind my eyes  the horror spread.


The acrid smoke of bullets past.

The stench of blood, gut wrenching blast.

The begging eyes,  and smell of fear.

Hands clutching hope on coming near.


His soapy skin,  flushed pink and new.

Eyes clear and bright with mother’s hue.

Softest skin and  gurgling smile.

Now overspread by all things vile.


With shaking hands and eyes shut tight.

Memories of each  haunting sight.

My comrades brave with babes and wives.

Torn to shreds before my eyes.


As tears spill out to soak his head.

I gently lay him down to bed.

Watch softly as he sucks his thumb.

And pray for all the orphaned young."


From The Fallen - Poem by Pixie Woodstock






The Fallen Tantra Books