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Equinox One- The Shores of Disillumination is a controversial portrait of modern North American society. Both liberalism and feminism come under the gun in a complex drama that combines serious, analytical commentary with bold comedy. Replete with unique and beautiful images to accentuate the reading experience, Equinox One is the first in a trilogy of plays but can be read on its own without further reference to the ones that follow. The story involves Hermes, a hedonistic writer trying to survive in an environment very hostile to his personal and professional aspirations. The intellectual aggression of Hermes, however, ensures that the unrelenting waves of decadence never engulf him or his dreams. The play hilights many trends that have developed or are currently developing in North America- in politics, culture, and human relations. Discretion is advised for sensitive readers.  


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In troubled times it’s more vital than ever that literature fulfils its key role of giving us a broader and more challenging perspective on the world. Begging more than a little controversy Equinox One- The Shores of Disillumination certainly steps up to the mark with cultural identity, monarchy, capitalism and bigotry all coming in for a drubbing. Capturing the particular strangeness of life in a time where humankind has finally learned enough to destroy itself Soriano combines acerbic prose and exceptional wit to explore humanity’s more poignant flaws by setting his sights on our inherent failings. Rest assured there are plenty of laughs to be had along the way - "As you eat in excess, drink alcohol, and smoke weed you nourish the world with the negative energy that emanates from your ass" - but through Hermes and his disillusionment we are reminded that behind every fortune is a loss of self or an injustice. Yes, some readers will be offended but Soriano dares to peel back the carefully coiffured veneer of society and in doing so reminds us that our greed, hypocrisy and ruthlessness will ultimately be our downfall.


Sharp and witty with some excellent one-liners Soriano not only entertains but leaves us deep in thought and The Shores of Disillumination is highly recommended.

"In a press release today it was announced that more state funding would be

allotted to bankers and investors, to give them more power over you and

make your life miserable."


Equinox One - The Shores of Disillumination (Equinox Trilogy Book 1)

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An intellectual history of the present, The Decline of Democratic Society in the New Age outlines the events that have led the world into its current state of political and economic demise. Tyranny in its modern forms is identified and discussed. The book abounds with original, often provocative ideas that make it a new foray into critical theory. History and modern humanity are explained through psychological, biological, and cultural analyses that are eloquent and easy to understand. In the end, the reader is presented not just with all the relevant history that has led up to today's world, but with new perspectives of the past and order within today's deveopled societies. Includes thirteen images, in both colour and black and white. The second edition contains twenty-three pages of additional narrative.

The Decline of Democratis society in the new age

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