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Since knowledge is but sorrow's spy, it is not safe to know." -- Sir William Davenant, English poet and playwright (1606-1668)


Meet French technologist Esquelle. Terrorists are watching her. NSA agents are monitoring her every move. And no less than five national intelligence services are about to disrupt her quiet life.


Esquelle and her brother Bernard, a reclusive genius, have just been deemed a threat to the global economic and political order. Their enemies will stop at nothing to prevent Bernard from developing his world-changing breakthrough. Swept up in a storm of intrigue and violence, Esquelle must elude a shadowy group of government actors equipped with all the advances in information technology, global communications, medicine, surveillance and military hardware that this future world can provide. Fortunately, Esquelle has a few tricks of her own. But it will take more than her data-mining skills to defeat the Pandora Working Group and its Tesla Protocol. It will take determination, passion and a little help from Chaos Theory.


Originality and authenticity invariably translate into great books and author Joe Dacy II is no exception to the rule with his new novel Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol. A high octane blend of mystery and near future technology it's Intelligent and immediately engaging with Dacy II revelling in the complexity of his tale as he weaves converging plot lines together. Writing in crisp meticulous prose he’s an author who eschews conventional form. It’s evident in the characters he creates and the authenticity he brings to his shadowy world which as he imbues with timely real world agendas. Yes, it’s science fiction, but the technology seems so tantalizingly close it’s wholly absorbing and as becomes the theme Dacy II does delve into the detail. In a less capable author’s hands it could have become cumbersome, but the action is measured, the twists served with perfect timing and Dacy II achieves a notable balance between suspense and tension to keep his readers on edge as a first class plot evolves.


With all the elements readers expect from the best in genre, Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol proves an uncompromising and top notch read. An exceptional high tech thriller which demands your attention, it is recommended without reservation.

Author  Joe Dacy III - In The Spotlight

Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol

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