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Dealing with her best friend being possessed by the ghost of a star-crossed lover was just the beginning.


Returning to a place where she swore she would never set foot again, Tina Barnes is once again dragged kicking and screaming into the realm of the Supernatural. At least she has company this time.


In the gripping sequel to 'The Highwayman's Legacy', re-join the usual suspects in a series of ghostly murders that have nothing to do with star-crossed lovers.... And everything to do with destroying anyone who has the potential to stop them.


Our review......

An entertaining genre novel and the second book in the ghostly travels series Eternity's Invitation sees the return of Tina Barnes with a well-pitched  offering of paranormal adventure. Few books successfully put us inside the mind of their protagonist and in Tina Barnes Rose has created a character who’s quick-witted intelligent and funny. This allows for nice little spins on genre clichés, working not with fright, but with suspense and a nicely nuanced plot. As with any good series getting-to-know the characters is what keeps readers engaged only far too often authors rely on bloat to fill their pages. Rose, however, keeps her narrative tight, there are no drawn out laborious chapters just a good story confidently told with some nice unexpected touches that bring the paranormal elements to life. The Highwayman’s Legacy provided a blueprint for future releases in the series and here Rose has stayed true to fans of her first release with an accumulating theme that should engender broad appeal.


Entertaining to the last page and a strong addition to the Ghostly Travels Series, Eternity's Invitation is strongly recommended.

Book 2 of the Ghostly Travels Series


Eternity's Invitation

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