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From the Chapter - The Ordeal at Amsterdam


Already delayed at the point of origin, having missed a connecting flight, required to spend another night in an interim hotel in a foreign country, and now this! It was as if destiny was preparing him well for this journey of unknowns that he had embarked upon. As if all this was not enough, the officials then put Gyana in a closed room and asked him to wait there until they had verified his paperwork. As Gyana sat in the room alone and looked at the single window with bars, it felt like being in a jail, waiting to be rescued from suspicion. Will they be able to verify his paperwork and identity? Will they do it in a timely manner to enable him to continue with his travel plans? What will happen if they are not able to verify the documents? A multitude of questions played havoc on his mind, with no answers in sight.


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A moving and marvellously enlightening cross-cultural perspective on university life in the USA Every Rock Has A Rose Lining takes in a lot of territory to deliver a thoroughly engaging and delightfully personal account that's rich in beautifully observed and lovingly conveyed detail. Given the subject matter, one could be forgiven for thinking it might be a dry read but it’s anything but as Monalisa’s acerbic narrative captures the nuances of American campus life along with the cherished rituals of Indian culture. On many levels it’s a narrative that’s rooted in the knotty issues of identity which she ably captures in vivid portraiture, reminding us of a bygone era which is richly observed and painstakingly conveyed in the human detail. Of course, much has changed in the ensuing years. A new dawn has broken in academia with profound change underpinned by advancing technology and greater connectivity. But the fundamentals of relationships, integration and the daily challenges we face remain unchanged and it’s on this level that the story of Monalisa and Gyana remains timeless.


A wonderfully inspiring and motivating read, Every Rock Has A Rose Lining is sure to have scholarly appeal and is strongly recommended.

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An Exciting And Wonderful Journey Of Two Souls From Monalisa

Every Rock has a Rose Lining


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Kellens Tempting Mate

Always an ardent lover of logic and promoter of analytical reasoning, Monalisa likes to challenge her own thinking in a constant pursuit to question commonplace human behavior, relationships, and social practices in an effort to simplify human life. With an academic background in Sciences (Physics and Computer Science) followed by a rewarding professional experience with IBM Corporation in Poughkeepsie, New York, provided her an opportunity to develop and demonstrate her technical and leadership skills during the early phase of her life’s journey. While career prospects at IBM seemed enticing, her personal priorities inspired her to move to India with her husband to explore other passions.


Her constant thinking and the inner desire to bring about a positive change in the society, as well as her quest to explore the human mind, continuously urges her to share her thoughts and realizations through writings and other creative means.

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