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"Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye" helps us discover the answers to this and other vitally important questions.  Sue Pighini, the author, has delved into the lofty question of "why am I here?" for 40 years after being struck by lightning and having a near death experience.  Her revelation, after surviving this near death, is that there is life beyond the physical, pleading with us to design a Path of Passion (TM) for our extraordinary future. Her personal search for the book discovered two friends who also survived near death and have incredible stories to tell in "Expect the Extraordinary".  What did we learn?  What can we share with my readers?  How can we help others? The overriding theme of this book shouts "live fearlessly, take more chances, live your life 'on fire', and live with the greatest joy!"


Our review......

Many people have written about their near death experiences but few have come close to realising the transformative power they present us with. Sue Pighini is certainly the exception, delivering a memoir and guidance for personal transformation which proves wholly compelling and in sharing her life-transforming journey it is particularly notable for its broad strokes. She talks of angels and spiritual guidance but her words are refreshingly unconstrained by a particular faith. She simply and candidly shares her experiences and those of others she has met and by not dwelling on the relationship between organised religion and near-death experiences makes a powerful argument for love being the most emotionally, spiritually and psychologically healing power there is. One that transcends fractured belief systems and ultimately unites us. This alone is a reason to pick up a copy of Expect the Extraordinary and begin reading but Pighini goes beyond this to share her years of reflection and interpretation to create a template for personal and lasting transformation.


Well-written and powerfully uplifting Expect the Extraordinary is a guiding read that readers will return to again and again and is highly recommended.

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with a life-threatening situation?

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Spiritual Interventions & Personal Transformation From Sue Pighini

Expect the Extraordinary: Angelic Messages, Spiritual Encounters and the Soul of Skye


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Sue Pighini is a Life Coach and Change Agent helping others create lives of positive change. She has taken an extraordinary path from corporate America to spiritual seeker with the partnership of angelic encounters and the soul of a horse. Sue is a certified Transformational Coach, certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified intuitive healer, author and passionate horsewoman. She is a much sought after motivational speaker as well as a highly respected workshop leader.

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