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The Storm that arrived and erased humanity as we knew it would remain, and the survivors would eke out an existence within the only place of safety; the Storm's Eye. The Eye is their salvation, but it is also their cage. The tribes of the Eye battle each other for scraps and temporary land. It is a brutal life, but it is the only life they know. While raiding a newly discovered bunker, young Aiden finds the crashed plane with the girl pilot. Did she fly the plane? From where? None in the Eye could do such a thing. When she wakes the mystery only deepens. She speaks an unknown language, not used by any in the Eye. So the decision is made; an expedition into the Storm to find this alleged safe land. The group would be led by a Stormwalker; a nomadic people seen as ghosts by the other tribes who choose to live within the Storm. If any can lead them through, he can. As the expedition enters the Storm they will be confronted with dangers unlike anything they've ever seen, and wonders unlike anything they could ever imagine.


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Fans of dystopian fiction looking for a book that has it all may well find Eye Of The Storm ticks all the boxes. A post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure it has superbly nuanced characterization, moral dilemmas, mystery, and an abundance of action along with a protagonist that’s hard to fault. There’s been a deluge of speculative scenarios for post-apocalyptic fiction in recent years yet many feel like recycled story lines and to find something that stands out as truly original is something of a rarity but King’s post-apocalyptic world is not only inventive and intriguing his descriptions are amongst the most riveting you will read. His prose is sharp and is easily accessible and it's hard not to read the whole thing in a single sitting. It’s not entirely devoid of genre tropes but with well-measured pace and neat plot twists he ably avoids cliché to deliver a read that is not only entertaining but sure to leave the reader with a good deal to think about.


A highly entertaining post-apocalyptic novel that’s a testament to human resilience in the face of overwhelming odds, Eye Of The Storm marks King as an author to watch as is recommended without reservation.

It all began with the sound of thunder. A thunder that came in the night. A thunder that changed the world.

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Best In Genre  Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction Adventure  From R K King

Eye Of The Storm - Book 1 Of The Storm Cycle


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About R K King

eye of the storm R King

R.K. King began writing alone with his action figures. He’d create ongoing narratives starring those little plastic superheroes, mutant turtles and Force-weilding space wizards. Those narratives would eventually be typed down once the household included an old macintosh computer, and a word processor to record those pint-sized adventures. He would continue to write short stories (mostly considered fan fiction by today’s standards) well into high school, and was on the team for the inaugural cinematography club. Being in the club allowed him to write, film and edit a collection of short works.  He lives in beautiful British Columbia with his wonderful wife and crazy cat (who keeps trying to type her own stories on his keyboard)

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