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Everyone thought the election was over


A young researcher uncovers a series of mysterious deaths among

Electors and must race against time and a secret, deadly efficient conspiracy.


In an era characterized as cynical and paranoid, Faithless Elector poses a creditable threat to the integrity of the electoral process and the selection of the president.


Our review......

A solidly crafted, high-concept thriller that mixes hot-button issues of election rigging and conspiracy theory, Faithless Elector proves both timely and poignant. McCrone has certainly done his homework and it’s to his credit that his plot stands in contrast to many of today’s thrillers which often seem simple-minded and lacking in genuine depth. Observant and intelligent it’s accurate in its broad strokes without allowing detail to overwhelm his narrative. In fact, it’s a relatively quick read and whilst another author might have left us adrift in a sea of coincidences, propitious breaks, fabricated leads and fudged plot twists, McCrone keeps it straight by sticking resolutely to its subject.   It’s easy to identify the good guys from the bad, it’s taut and well-paced, but for readers reading between the lines it also works on a moral level. It may be set in the near future but the questions he asks are the same today. Does the government work for the people or do those that covet power use it for their own ends and cover their own tracks.


Delivering an intelligent, escapist and thought provoking read, Faithless Elector is sure to get you thinking and is highly recommended.

A compelling novel for our turbulent times.


Faithless Elector

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James McCrone is the author, most recently, of FAITHLESS ELECTOR, a suspense-thriller about stealing the next presidential election, and he is hard at work on the sequel DARK NETWORK. He is also at work on a play set in a busy New York kitchen, called Culinati, and TWO HISTORICAL pieces: the first, based on the relationship between Dr Wm. Beaumont and his patient, Alexis St Martin; and the second, exploring the friendship between Andrew Marvel and John Milton, both as yet untitled.


His  work both on an off the page deals with politics and issues of social responsibility and justice. He has been working in community development and affordable housing for more than fifteen years, and has been writing and cooking for longer.

James McCrone The Highway Mans Legacy 5 stars

Heart achingly poignant, beautifully written, The Prayer is one of the most powerful  reads a parent could ever share with a young child.

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