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A  Laugh Out Loud Satirical Romp From The Pen David Hutter



Strange historical facts reimagined in the world of Donald Trump

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A writer and editor for 10 years, David came up with his enterprising idea after he read up on the Opium Wars following a trip to China with his wife.


“That was my starting point, and because Donald Trump is in the news a lot and obviously is behaving in an erratic way, I thought it would be quite funny to have him act in a way a lot of people in the past would have," he said.


David had been writing another novel initially but switched to completing his novella as “the Trump situation is so fluid”.


He said: “You never know who is going to get fired. You do not even know if Trump might be president tomorrow.”

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With fictional Donald Trump anecdotes that are based on the mess created by some of history's greatest megalomaniacs and worst decision-makers, this satire offers the small consolation that while things are bad right now, the world has been here before...


Focusing on the Donald's attitude towards North Korea as well as his relationships with the UK and his sycophantic advisers, this novella draws on bizarre and obscure historical facts from, for instance, ancient China, Tudor England, revolutionary France and the Cold War. Those facts — which include a rabbit attack, the accidental loss of nuclear bombs and the ceremonial burial of presidential body parts — are described at the end of each chapter.


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Generous with its humour and sparing no taboos, especially when it comes to the American political system, Fake News floats above the dross of mundane literature to bring us something wholly original and laugh out loud hilarious. A glorious romp from first to the last page turned, Hutter spins a marvellous yarn that is fleet of wit and entertaining to read, with razor-sharp barbs aimed at the shenanigans of Donald Trump and his brow beaten administration. Possibly truer than the necessities of fiction dictate, Hutter’s writing is enthralling and wonderfully fluid as he navigates a spurious train of thought to deliver a delightful page turner, but there is a serious thread that is hard to ignore. How close are we really to a humungous act of banality that will plunge us into a global conflict and how well informed are the individuals in whom we place our trust? Reading more like a rather brilliant Brit-com with an inspired collection of anecdotes and incidents Hutter proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that smart and funny can exist in the same book.


A unique exploration of Donald Trump’s actions and administration from an author who deserves your attention. “Fake News: Strange historical facts reimagined in the world of Donald Trump” is highly recommended!

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