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A Best In Genre Dragon Fantasy Novel From The Pen Of Cheryl Matthynssens

Fallen Tiers (The Blue Dragon's Geas Book 5)

Which death will our young hero choose or will he surprise them all and complete the Geas?

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Cheryl Matthynssens was born in Upland, California, holds a teaching degree and is a licensed addictions counselor. This has allowed her to interview hundreds of personalities over her career. She loves that everyone is unique and this appreciation and interest has informed and inspired her writing.


Matthynssens enjoys the universe of fantasy for the way it connects to the mind’s creativity and imagination as a colorful escape to distant lands of mystical beasts and fantastic quests where the hero really does save the day. As she’s matured artistically, Matthynssens has found writing to be a comforting counterbalance to a world where beloved characters don’t always get back up after they fall down.

From the appearance of a mysterious egg to the onslaught of a vicious storm, Alador must now decide when to move against his Uncle. How will he protect Rena's egg? Can he save people from a storm of his own making, from the winter before? Can he really eliminate the well entrenched High Minister, who also happens to be his uncle. This last task must be done.. or he will fail his Geas given by the Blue Dragon. Failure of a major geas only ends in death. Alador is fairly certain attempting to remove his uncle will also end in death.  releasing him from a predestined path he would have never chosen.


Our review......

Alador returns to kick off another chapter in the epic Blue Dragon's Geas series with Matthynssens delivering another fantasy adventure that wants for nothing in pure entertainment value. With Dragon fantasy growing ever more popular it’s really quite hard to pare the wheat from the chaff, but Matthynssens has continued to deliver a series that sustains its magical charm and lust for adventure from one book to the next and she does so by simply telling highly original and imaginative tales. Full of compelling suspense and wonderfully nuanced characters we’ve seen Alador grow with Matthynssens particularly adept at conveying striking visual images through her prose whilst her world building is among the best. As with previous releases in the series, there is much to recommend it but like the most enduring of fantasy series, novels like these tend to rise and fall on the strength of their characters and Matthynssens again gets this just right. Pitted against characters that resonate with dark luminosity this is Alador’s most challenging quest yet and it’s a credit to Matthynssens that after five books she can still keep us on tenterhooks.


Another highly enjoyable page-turner from Matthyssens which is sure to be well received by her many fans, Fallen Tiers is recommended without reservation.

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