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For Alys Kinnear, becoming a wizard was her life's ambition, but it's an ambition that might just cost her her life. Does a country girl from Éire have what it takes to handle the dangerous and inglorious realities that come with being a practitioner in the magic-infused modern day city of London?


She quickly finds herself confronted by street thugs trying to steal her new employer's property and a client whose home turns out to be a former asylum filled with the angry ghosts of former patients. With her new Familiars, a pair of snow leopards she rescued from an unscrupulous shop owner, Alys must overcome these and the more mundane day-to-day difficulties of studying to become a full-fledged Wizard. Because before she expects it, she'll find herself tested in ways she never imagined.


Notably more than your average tale of wizardry, Family Ties is the debut novel from author Joshua Sanofsky. A tale that whips along at a cracking pace, Sanofsky quickly finds his voice with a literary style that is imaginative and peppered with timely levity. Astutely avoiding the many trite attributes found in other wizarding sagas he manages an intriguing plot with some aplomb alogside a multitude of characters that are well drawn. It’s a given that Alys steals the show. She’s witty, funny and at times intense and as the tale progresses she comes into herself perfectly. Believably losing the vague edge of a novice practitioner as Sanofsky pushes the too often predictable genre boundaries and he certainly isn’t stingy in the surprises department. Yes you can see some of the twist coming, but not everything is what it seems and a few timely revelations hit you just when you’re least expecting it.


A promising start to an imaginative series, Sanofsky quite rightly raises expectations for future releases in The Kinnear Chronicles. Deserving of a place on your bookshelf it is strongly recommended.

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Family Ties: The Kinnear Chronicles, Book 1

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