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The end is near, and the whole world is going crazy. If you were an emotionally disturbed supernatural teenager, could you save the world? Could you even save yourself?


Get set for non-stop, thrilling action in Fractals, the third and final installment in the Ferdie and The Seven series. Ferdie, Marsh-dog, and all the rest are in a mad dash to stop The Others before it’s too late. Time’s almost up, and some of them might not make it to the end... Ferdie’s enemies have become even more cunning and deadly. It will take everything he and his friends have to defeat them, but it still might not be enough...


If you liked When the Angels are Gone and Time Flies, then you will love Fractals.


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As a YA Fantasy series, Ferdie and The Seven has consistently delivered inventiveness and originality with Buenafe proving his command of the genre. The explosion in superhero fiction continues unabated but sadly it’s a genre littered with lacklustre imaginings and books like Buenafe’s are few and far between. Book One saw Buenafe establishing a corker of an origin story and each book to date has delivered sharp plots underpinned by suspense, action and timely twists which are hallmarks of the best page-turners. With confident quirkiness, he infuses every chapter with soul and style as his characters come to life and here again he is on form. Fictional characters come and go but to deliver an amalgamation of traits which are universally loved by readers is never an easy task yet Buenafe has the enviable ability to engage our dreams and lust for high octane adventure and in Ferdie, he has hit a home run. Back with Marsh-dog and the rest of their gang the momentum quickly builds and as the title implies this final instalment proves a dazzling combination of science and the paranormal.


A genuine gem for readers of all ages Ferdie and The Seven, book three: Fractals is undoubtedly a fitting end to a wonderfully imagined series. Recommended without reservation the series is a must-read for fans of this ever popular genre.

The end is near, and the whole world is going crazy.


Ferdie and The Seven, book 3: Fractals

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I do too many things. I have always had that problem. In the "real world" I am a high school administrator, but I also work regularly as a musician with my band, Run 4 Cover (YouTube: run4cover Visalia for lots of videos), and I have a recording studio in my house for various recording projects. I have been writing pretty seriously for the last three years or so, and I am sure if you like urban fantasy or science fiction you will love Ferdie and the Seven book one: When the Angels are Gone. It is dark, funny, sad, and exciting, and if everyone buys a copy, maybe I can quit doing all this other crap and focus a little bit. Book two in the series, Time Flies, is available now, and book three is due early in 2018!

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