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Leslie and John both served in the Army and crossed paths under unfortunate events. Now that they are out, they are having to readapt to civilian life and it’s not as easy as what they were originally told. However, they find out how important it is to stay close with their fellow Veterans who have different backgrounds and stories, but they all share one thing: adapting to their old life as a civilian isn’t as easy as it looks.


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A timely and powerful meditation on the psychological impact of war Fight proves as affecting as it is entertaining in its exploration of PTSD as Ross brings the realities and aftermath of combat into sharp focus. With an authoritative sense of time and place, she confronts the relationship between Leslie and John with unusual frankness and emotional tenderness and whilst it’s a story that’s been told many times over few authors have successfully captured the trauma of veterans struggling to make sense of something that to the vast majority will remain unknowable. Ross, however, is the exception. Her narrative is intelligent, involving and serious as she handles the many conflicting plot possibilities with great clarity. Moving forward at a measured pace, back stories are explored through gritty flashbacks as Ross weaves together the stories of Leslie and John. Neatly sidestepping the trap of sticky sentiment there’s a rawness to her writing that is both refreshing and compelling. Fight might be fiction but Ross conveys it in realistically painful terms whilst her social commentary is poignantly thought-provoking and leaves readers in no doubt that no one returns from war the same person.


Sharply written, thought provoking and engaging, Fight is an absolute must read  and is highly recommended.



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Born and raised in Texas, Betsy Ross is a U.S. Army veteran, rancher, mother, and wife. She has an Associates in Geology, Associates in Medical Laboratory Technology, and is currently working on her Bachelor's in Business. She is motivated in fitness and continues to live life to the fullest.

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