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A Memoir of a "Schizophrenia" and Mainstream

Cultural Delusions

In the frontiers of America’s mental health institutions, fighting for freedom can become very personal. Six years into a protected clinical career as a mental health counselor, Clyde Dee moves to Seattle, and takes a job in a Section 8 housing project. Getting to the bottom of what’s going on in a fractured system, he becomes embroiled in the politics of the local drug war until he decides to go off a small dose of anti-psychotic medication. Clyde then faces threats and a re-conceptualization of a fractured past and is stopped by police in an effort to exit the country. He is incarcerated in a psychiatric ward for three months and released to the streets. In the years that follow, he moves through American disparities and cultural delusions, facing some of his worst fears come true, and striving to gain back what he lost.


Our Review......

A powerful and engrossing read, Fighting For Freedom In America: Memoir of  "Schizophrenia" and Mainstream Cultural Delusions, is the new release from Clyde Dee. A testament to human resilience, most of us will only ever witness schizophrenia from the outside looking in, but Dee has spared little in re-counting intensely personal aspects of his life. Writing in crisp prose he pulls readers into his vividly articulated world where he shares the intensity of his experiences. Much has been written on the subject of schizophrenia with as many paths to recovery as there are individuals affected by it, but Dee’s work is most notable for his candid reflections on cultural delusions.  Clearly articulating the loss of faculties that make us what we are, they prove intrinsic to the telling of his story. More importantly they provide an often harrowing perspective on the anguish of mental illness from the inside and in doing so allow Dee to address commonly held beliefs and prejudices.


Candid, compelling and above all accessible, Fighting For Freedom In America, makes a notable memoir that’s sure to engender much reflection. Deserving of your attention it is highly recommended.

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Fighting For Freedom In America

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