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Sometimes, Something Special Comes Along.

Something Like 'HOME' From A Master Storyteller

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When a mysterious boy appears and disappears outside her home, the reoccurring dream, along with her life, change drastically. She finally meets her elusive visitor and he reveals who she really is and why she's destined to fight against a darkness threatening to consume everything.


It isn't until Kiya travels to the boy's home that she discovers the reality of the darkness and the benefits of choosing the light. After the darkness begins to hunt her, she is faced with a choice to embrace her destiny or turn against it. She soon realizes, no matter her choice, the darkness is unrelenting, and her protectors may not be able to save her.


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A strong start to an exciting new series Finding The Light quickly works its magic and holds you in its grip to the very end. Underpinned by an original storyline with action and intrigue in equal measure Atkins joins the ranks of debuting authors who instinctively get it right and in no small part it’s down to her cast of highly appealing characters. With the enigmatic Zac to watch over her, Kiya must come to terms with her grandmother's legacy and the realization she is a keeper of the light but Atticus has doubts about her abilities and the darkness will stop at nothing to get her!  Genres like Fantasy are built on universally loved tropes with the challenge for aspiring authors to always to keep them fresh and innovative. To this end, Atkins easily earns her stripes with a multi-layered plot and well-nuanced dialogue which not only adds depth to her story but captures a real sense of camaraderie  between Kiya and the last of the light keepers.


With a cliff hanger ending which bodes well for the next release Finding The Light is sure to be well received by fans of the genre and is definitely recommended.

A repetitive dream has been plaguing Kiya since she was young.

It is about to become the least of her worries.



Finding The Light

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About  Kelsey Atkins

Kelsey Atkins is an elementary and middle school teacher who loves to write. Her work with young adults in the classroom inspired her to write the Finding the Light series. Kelsey grew up in a small town in Idaho where she grew to love the outdoors. She currently lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, son, and fluffy Samoyed. When she isn’t teaching or writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, hiking, and volunteering at church.

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