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The storm died without even a sound. The wind stopped its dance, and darkness consumed every aspect of the land. Heaviness soaked into the earth, and a taste of anticipation lingered in the air. For no reason at all, the command to Stand down had been given, and the violence expressed had been caged, if but for a moment. The leaves stopped rustling, and an unnatural silence prevailed, except for the patter of droplets falling to the ground from the branches above. The sound of the trees creaking with the added weight from the rain, and the splashing of the river against the rocky banks culminated the background sounds as Jasmin peered out into the night and looked into the darkness for a reason for the change. The response was instantaneous. Ice tore through the sky, shredding every branch; the abrupt response sent Jasmin reeling.


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A creditable genre entry with an assured pace and charismatic central characters FOOTPRINTS THROUGH THE ASHES proves a tantalising start to an exciting new series from D A Ferg. With a weighty, solid and sharp narrative he is one of those authors who knows how to spin a good yarn with efficacy and economy whilst delivering a cadre of characters that are worth getting invested in. With bags of emotional pull and an understated intensity to his prose, he confidently manages to tick all the right boxes whilst keeping the pacing brisk and knowing just when to divert our attention with a well-timed nugget of intrigue. It’s his knack for those elemental qualities that makes for a good page turner whilst being refreshingly devoid of genre clichés. From England to Zimbabwe nobody is sheltered or immune from the unpredictable or violence as John and Ross find themselves locked in a race against time but this creates a profound sense of righteousness as several well-timed and unexpected turns lead readers towards a cracking denouement.


An entertaining thriller that grabs your attention from the very start, FOOTPRINTS THROUGH THE ASHES is definitely recommended.

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