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A Chronicle Of Chaos

Nineteen-year-old Priya has lived in the shadow of the forest all her life. She knows the rules better than anyone. Do not go into the forest alone and never stray from the beaten path. Her village has lived in tentative peace with the inhabitants of the forest for decades, until the day that someone breaks the rules. From the dusty heat of the village, to the icy grandeur of the Capitol, Priya must make an impossible journey. Will she succeed in delivering a message that could save them all? Because feedom always comes at a price.......


Our review......

An enthralling exploration of dark fantasy and Asian mythology, Forest Of Demons is the first solo release from author Debbie Cassidy. Well known to avid followers of the genre for the books she’s co-authored with Richard Amos, under the pen name Amos Cassidy, this is her first solo outing and she’s done it with some aplomb. It’s a genre in which Cassidy takes obvious delight and there’s a distinctly satisfying tonal quality to her writing as she brings her setting to life, whilst distinct cultural influences create an entirely original feel. Far too many releases in the genre seem little more than a collection of trite clichés in which all hope has been abandoned, evil rules the imagined world and the hero saves the day, but Cassidy notably bucks the trend with a well-conceived origin story that benefits from an acerbic pen and timely attention to detail. Yes, discerning fans of the genre will find the most loved devices of fantasy are to be found within Cassidy’s narrative, but it’s her ability to inject a haunting sense of realism and sidestep the pitfalls of predictability that draws the reader in.


A highly entertaining read which is sure to delight, Forest Of Demons proves a strong release from a talented author and is strongly recommended.

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No one goes into the forest alone...


Forest of Demons: Volume 1 (Sleeping Gods Series)

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