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Life is dirty, difficult, and all too short for the dogs digging up the deadly mandrake roots that wizards animate with minor demons. A pup named Go Fer has an odd magical talent. He does not die from the fatal screams of newly-unearthed mandrakes. One morning, a young Wizard Kadmeion and his half-elf assistant Bright watch Go Fer at work. This mandrake extraction goes horribly wrong, and Go Fer runs away during the hubbub. After seeking out the wizard, the dog’s life is not the same. In fact, Kadmeion discovers Go Fer is no longer a dog.


An exciting life as the wizard’s familiar awaits Go Fer. Bright built clever clockwork men who pilot Kadmeion’s wonderful airship. Go Fer would have a new name, a new boy appearance, and he would fly with his new master between islands that float above the sea. But Magic Guild law makes the mandrake harvester Go Fer’s master, and Kadmeion will not go against the guild. Go Fer must return to the dog-murderer, lose his wondrous boy form, and dig mandrake roots until he dies. Which will be the very next time, unless the clever clockwork man and the kindly wizard can get him out of this fatal mess.


Short story writing is an art in itself and when it comes to conjuring up original fantasy, Forever Boy by author Lita Burke takes some beating. It’s the first instalment in her Clockpunk Wizard series and for those not yet familiar with this exciting sub-genre of steampunk there is a veritable feast for the imagination as Burke brings her imaginary world to life. A world beyond the familiar with curiosities and marvels that ensnare with intrigue from the very first page. Yes, you will find the usual tropes, yet they feel surprisingly fresh and original. In part this is down to Burke’s acerbic prose, but the real treasure in this tale is to be found in the character development. It may be a short read, but character development continues throughout and Burke has a gift for creating strong and charismatic characters that are immediately endearing. Add an enthralling plot with many finely crafted and unexpected twists and it proves a hard book to put down.


An ode to the best in genre, this is one series you won’t want to miss and it is recommended without reservation.

Author  Lita Burke - In The Spotlight

Forever Boy - A Clockpunk Wizard Story

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