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Love them or hate them, our school days have an indelible influence on the people we become. Most of us judiciously avoiding any discussion of the more cringe worthy moments , with some teachers looming larger than others, but rarely do students consider life on the other side of the proverbial fence! Welcome then, to the curiously titled, So What! Stories or Whatever by author and former science teacher G J Griffiths.


An original and poignant collection of tales, artfully recollected and told through the character of Robert Jeffrey; his tale gradually unfolding and woven between those of the students he taught.  A motley collection that might be found in any high school and each of us might recall in varying guises, each given their own questionable moment in the spotlight. Moments that are by turn humorous and rather more sobering, but in which Griffiths succinctly captures the diversity which is both bane and boon of the teaching profession. Not so much in a plot, but in a collection of connected vignettes peppered with wonderfully observed anecdotes, which embody the extraordinary relationship that exits between teacher and student.


Intelligent and insightful, you certainly don't have to be a teacher to appreciate the intricacies of So What! Stories or Whatever and it is sure to garner much interest in future works from author G J Griffiths. A strongly recommended read.

G J Griffiths - In The Spotlight

So What! Stories or Whatever!

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