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The Ultimate Game Of Thrones Episode Guide From Award Winning Author Greg Enslen

Game of Thrones: A Binge Guide to Season 1


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This unofficial viewer’s guide to HBO’s award-winning television epic was written for viewers who have not read the George R. R. Martin books and don't want to. The season-specific binge guide will get you through the season with a minimum of fuss and NO SPOILERS of future seasons, answering questions and pointing out interested information without getting bogged down in details from the books. Now you can just watch "Game of Thrones" -- and enjoy it!


Our review......

Bringing together the fantasy and horrors of George R R Martin's imagined world, the Game Of Thrones TV series is nothing short of extraordinary. More, it’s only natural that many viewers will want answers to a host of questions and Greg Enslen is the person who has them. An award-winning author his novels have been captivating readers worldwide and his Game Of Thrones Binge Guides are set to do the same. Not only a pleasure to dip into, but also one of the few guidebooks that can be read cover to cover and feel genuinely enlightening. An indispensable guide for all fans of the series Enslen begins with a succinct introduction on how to use his guide and most importantly he makes good on his promise that all will be delivered with a minimum of fuss and no spoilers of future seasons. Fans of Enslen will know he’s a vivid and insightful writer with an acerbic eye for poignant detail and it’s certainly evident here with an unrivalled combination of in-depth knowledge and penetrating insight. The books have been designed to replicate the experience of watching an episode but with an eye on what you may have missed. He shares the goofs, the scenes that didn’t make it into the final edit, facts, anecdotes and rumours which are sure to grab your attention and he does it all with his particular kind of panache.


A great start, Enslen's series, Game Of Thrones, A Binge Guide to Season 1 proves a an inspired release and is highly recommended.

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An indispensable guide for all fans of the series!

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