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"A Powerful and fascinating foray into the future of science and its unforeseen consequences"

A shipwreck. A lost treasure.

A hell of a race from one to the other. Brendan Le Grange has delivered a winner!

Drachen (A Matthys Rossouw Pursuit Book 1)

“My name is As-na and I am a Ghost Dancer.”


In a kingdom where five combat arenas are the pinnacle of entertainment, six young women are found brutally murdered. Their flesh, carved with arcane markings and their spirits bound to this realm. So begins an investigation for Freeman Standish and Colonel Alera that will require the aid of an enigmatic Ghost Dancer; a person trained to maintain the uneasy balance in the spirit world, preventing the darkness from overrunning the light.

Together, the unlikely trio must discover the truth behind the deaths before the next full moon, and prevent the summoning of Far Dur a Cha, the Dark Man, the Eater of Worlds.


A rip roaring read from beginning to end, Ghost Dancer by K. D. Nielson is Book Five in the Tales of Menel Fenn series and as seems typical of Nielson’s popular fantasy series, the execution of his plot is simply excellent. With a hawkish reverence for prose, he judiciously avoids cumbersome descriptions and though one of his shorter books, there isn’t a page where his narrative doesn’t flow. As good as it gets in the fantasy genre, Nielson has a knack for creating vivid characters and Ghost Dancer is no exception. Each one of his main protagonists is well observed and whilst his tale has decidedly dark overtures, he is mindful to temper this with heartfelt personal moments between his characters and timely levity.  With an intriguing and original plot, there is much to keep the most ardent of fantasy fans on tenterhooks page after page.


Another excellent addition to the Tales Of Menel Fenn series, Ghost Dancer is cerainly worthy of your attention and is strongly recommended.

Author  K.D. Nielson - In The Spotlight

Ghost Dancer

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Ghost Dancer

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