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Cardinal David Caneman took just three years to engineer his ascension into the CEO’s office of Vatican Bancorp. His cabal of fundamentalist zealots now quickly moves to seize the world’s largest institution. First by publicly assassinating the Pope. Next by replacing him with Caneman. Finally by giving the masses a common, everyday object—unquestionably used by their savior—to rally behind. For centuries, folklore has claimed the sacred item laid in wait sealed within the Church’s lost treasury vault. Caneman races to unearth the vault—if it exists. He has bet everything that he can find the blessed object, surely buried within. He intends using it to sweep the faithful from their ungodly ways and into his personal standards of piety unless Jack Schilling can stop him!


The stakes are high and intrigue runs deep in God's Banker, Book 2 in the Enforcement Division by author Chris Malburg and in a genre often derided for lack of novelty and depth of plot, it makes a welcome change. Infusing his story with religious fervour makes for an absorbing thriller, but it’s Malburg's choice of protagonist in Jack Schilling which makes for a more compelling read, with much room for introspection.  Underpinned by a fine eye for detail, Malburg cleverly fuses fact with fiction to create an edgy sense of authenticity, with his plot evolving through tightly focused and shadowy scenes that benefit from detailed research. It’s certainly explosive, even frightening at times and it’s sure to strike a note of accord with conspiracy theorist and thriller fans alike, as it hurtles towards a thought provoking and gripping denouement.


With the ever present hallmarks of a memorable thriller, God's Banker is sure to build further interest in Malburg's Enforcement Division series. Definitely deserving of your attention, it is certainly a  recommended read.

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God's Banker

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