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About the book

A new novella from the award winning author Steven J Smith is a modern day thriller. It revolves around a missing sister; presumed dead, a family lost in its own deceit, a web of lies slowly unraveled from within until Pandora's Box is finally opened and the truth, no matter how horrific is released upon the world. A short story with adult themes and adult language for lovers of the psychological and the noir - a modern day crime story with more than a hint of the emotive characterization the writer is known for.


Our Review

Thoughtful, emotional and introspective, Grace is the new novella from award winning author and poet Steven J Smith, in which he eschews a predilection for plot-driven narratives to weave a tale around the emotions and struggles of his characters. Bringing a voyeuristic intensity to his prose that is often discomforting, Smith’s narrative rarely skips a beat as he demonstrates a deftness in handling interpersonal characterizations. The events that unfold may be far distant from those most of us experience in real life, but they feel wholly authentic. It’s as if Smith really experienced it all; as if he is relaying events through which he lived. With confident prose he creates a pervading sense of evil which is genuinely disturbing and yet allows him to be relatively discreet in the portrayal of Grace's disappearance. In fact, his narrative underplays the potential for both horror and sentimentality, and the result is something very unusual and distinctive that creates genuine empathy. He doesn’t overly develop his characters, all he does is plant a seed of doubt in the mind of his reader and allow it to grow.


A visually powerful and highly memorable novella from an author of note, Grace will certainly find favour with fans of Steven J Smith and beyond. It is highly recommended.

Author Steven J Smith - In The Spotlight

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