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Aliana Novak spent most of her school years being bullied. Her only refuge was Hunter Diaz, until the day he graduated and left her to deal with the tormentors herself. But that was then, this is now. Those horrific experiences molded her into what she is today and made her the perfect candidate for Vice Principal of one of the toughest schools in East LA. Sometimes the harder you fall, the stronger you rise. Aliana always rose to the challenge until one the most notorious gangs in East LA got her in their sights.


Hunter Diaz, scraped and fought his way out of the gangs of East LA, to serve honorably as a SEAL in the United States Navy. He has become one of the most dangerous men on the planet. When his adopted grandmother tells him an old friend is in trouble back home, he returns to the place he vowed to leave firmly in the past. Hunter expects to find the same awkward and fragile girl he once knew. Instead, he finds a beautiful strong woman who is closed off from everything but the children under her care. Even when her life is on the line she is determined to handle things on her own. What had happened to Aliana? Can Hunter break down her walls and prove to her he is still her knight in shining armor before she ends up dead?


Our review......

Writing military romance, action and adventure is something Caitlyn O'Leary has down to a fine art and her latest release, Her Passionate Hero is sure to win favour with her many fans. With a powerful emotional eddy that draws you in from one page to the next, there’s no effort needed in surrendering yourself to another wonderful story but a great read in any genre must invariably go beyond its lead protagonists and this is where O'Leary really sets herself apart. Aliana and Hunter may well take centre stage, but as in her previous releases O'Leary manages to deliver a host of auxiliary characters that are hard to forget whilst adding a measure of intrigue that proves wholly enthralling. The all-important relationship dynamics are wonderfully observed and O'Leary’s canny ear for dialogue echoes the thoughts of her characters to bring a genuine sense of immediacy as events unfold and are guaranteed to set pulses racing.


Yes, there are familiar elements made new but with a host of releases to her credit O’ Leary has developed a formula that hits all the right notes. A must-read for fans of the genre Her Passionate Hero is highly recommended.

Nothing Will Stop Her From Doing The Right Thing.


Her Passionate Hero

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