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They must weather the hardships of grief, regret, and repression as they strive to make the most of whatever time Michael has left.


Hiatus is the story of Michael and Frank, two men whose lives have taken disparate paths, and yet whose love for each other ultimately reunites them. After the loss of his wife, and to the shock of his grown children, Sebastian and Helenne, Michael finds himself falling back in love with Frank, whose affections he forsook nearly forty years ago.


Upon the revelation that Michael has terminal cancer, this new relationship puts Frank, Michael, and his entire family to the test. Now they must weather the hardships of grief, regret, and repression as they strive to make the most of whatever time Michael has left.


Our Review

Thoughtful, forceful and highly satisfying, Hiatus is the new release from Belangela G. Tarazona and it’s not a book to be easily forgotten. The story has everything from drama and romance to family values and powerful moral undertones that encourage much reflection. Readers familiar with Tarazona’s work will know she brings a certain subtlety to her prose that ensures her story is never held hostage to the subject and Hiatus is no exception. Its narrative has a life affirming quality that shows how forgiveness makes change possible, that accepting people's choices rather than fighting against them can be an enduring catalyst for true happiness, but don’t be fooled into thinking this is in anyway a mawkish tale. Yes, Tarazona paints a warm and endearing picture of how family members can reconcile their differences and stand united and strong in the face of crisis, but Michael and Frank are far from saccharin characters and this brings edgy overtures to their story as it evolves, lending itself to a superb denouement that will leave many readers moist-eyed.


A beautiful and compelling read, Hiatus affirms Taranzona's ability to pen original and thought provoking novels. Certainly deserving of a place on your bookshelf, it is recommended without reservation!

Author Belangela G. Tarazona - In The Spotlight


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