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So, when her best friend sets her up to audition for the pilot of a new sitcom, Meghan is hardly amused... That is, until she's cast as the anonymous narrator for the show. Now, she's juggling a secret identity, avoiding the press, and trying to hide a crush on the man who now controls her future: Ryder Christianson, lead writer of "Truth in Advertising". When it all goes public, will laughter finally lead Meghan to love?


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An agreeably loopy romantic comedy that bounces along effortlessly on the genuine chemistry of its characters, Hidden In The Writer's Room proves a strong debut for Price who demonstrates a genuine affinity for the genre. This is one of those novels that manages to get the balance just right. A feel-good story that offers the reader enough comedy and romance to warm the heart whilst ably sidestepping the need for a sentimental overdose. With Price shrewdly and unpredictably manipulating the emotions of her readers, there is charm, whimsy and serendipity in equal measure as she explores the best-loved tropes of this ever popular genus of fiction. Her narrative is bright, her dialogue has wit and intelligence whilst Meghan and Ryder are easy to like. Yes, beneath it all the ancient story mechanics of boy meets girl is churning away below deck but Price elevates it above the norm by also giving us an insightful meditation on the perils of leading a double life,


With a glut of new romantic comedies being released each week it takes something special to stand out but Hidden In The Writer's room certainly makes the grade. Working like a charm it bodes well for future releases from Price and is highly recommended.

She'd moved to L.A. straight out of college, but the closest Meghan Linden had come to Hollywood was the view from her office window!


Hidden in the Writer’s Room

A Romantic Comedy From The Pen Of Michelle L. E. Price

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