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Can a future be built on the

quicksand of secrets and lies?


Imagine you’re Grace  Twenty years ago you had a drunken one night stand with Sam, your oldest friend, when you both believed you’d been dumped. Sam got back with Dixie, his girlfriend and neither of you mentioned it again. Imagine  You got pregnant. You were a penniless student faced with a heartbreaking decision. Believing it was best for everyone, you had your baby in secret and gave her up for adoption, convinced you’d be giving her a better life.


Imagine  Your daughter has now traced you and is asking questions about her father. After twenty years of sadness and guilt, you’re desperate to meet her but you never told Sam you had his child. Imagine  If you confess to Sam and Dixie now, the news of a secret daughter will tear their marriage to shreds and smash your lifelong friendship into smithereens.


Imagine you’re Grace  What would you do?


Our Review......

Casting a powerful, uninterrupted spell over its reader's High Hopes is the eagerly awaited new release from Sue Lilley, but it’s not a novel to rest on conventional melodrama. Sometimes, when you read a Contemporary Romance Novel, the words fail to kindle that all important spark of imagination, but Lilley has it down to a fine art and on this level, her latest Romance Novel becomes an act of discovery. More importantly, her dialogue has the ring of absolute everyday authenticity. Her characters aren't just talking to each other, they're revealing things about themselves and in that act of discovery, we come to understand their motives and feel the changes in their personalities. The theme may be sad, but Lilley brings a certain exuberance to her narrative and we feel the bewilderment Grace feels as she flounders in the resurrection of past choices. Like all Bestselling Romance Novels there are plenty of situation rich opportunities for us to choose sides, but what really matters in a story like this isn't who's right or wrong, but whether those affected are able to behave according to their better nature and it this that makes a genuinely touching read.


A fine absorbing love story from a talented author, High Hopes confirms Lilley's place as an exciting new voice in Romantic Fiction and bodes well for her future releases.  It is highly recommended.

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High Hopes by Sue Lilley

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Also by Sue Lilley

Sue Lilley lives in the north east of England, when she isn't escaping somewhere else in her imagination. She loves a good story, especially feel-good escapism that makes you miss your stop and be late for work because you can't put the book down. Her practical exterior hides the soul of a daydreamer and compulsive people watcher. She's been writing as a hobby for years, eavesdropping on people's conversations on the Metro for inspiration.

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